The Sum Of All Music’s mission is to build a community of enthusiastic and experienced composers, songwriters, and musicians that share the intention of creating music together for the love of the craft, as well as the desire to serve the needs of others in the creative field.

To fulfill our mission we are committed to respecting and honoring creatives from all walks of life, and we believe that every individual has something of value to offer the group as a whole. As a community, we devote our time, talents, and resources to our love of making music because we understand the power of music and the impact it has to heal and inspire on a global scale. 

It’s more than just music when we create together. 


For several years, as a group of composers and songwriters, we met weekly over breakfast in Agoura Hills, CA. Due to the circumstances of 2020, the in-person events shifted to virtual meet-ups, expanding the reach of participants. Musicians from LA, Canada, Nashville, UK, Argentina and Brazil came together weekly to collaborate and inspire music from each other. Within several months we had produced three albums, over 150 pieces of music and pooled our talents together to create the Sum Of All Music Library. 

Today, we take commissions and continue to build the library so that the whole world will be able to access Sum Of All Music for their musical needs. 


If you resonate with our mission, SOAM invites and welcomes you to be a part of the community! Please check out the services we offer below and register today.

Licensing: If you’re a filmmaker or other media creative, our music could be your next soundtrack. Our library of tracks are available for licensing on TV/film, video games, radio, YouTube + more. We’ll help you meet your creative needs within your budget. [Go To Licensing]

Musicians: If you’re a composer/musician/songwriter, join our community and tap into a wealth of resources. Collaborate and make new music with us, as well as learn new skills in our Sum Of All Music Academy. [Join Us Now]

Subscribers: If you’re a music lover and would like to support the SAOM community, join as a subscriber to meet our members and hear our music. From live performances to compilation releases, sign up to get all the latest news. [Subscribe Here]