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Though it may be a cliche to many in my generation, I became a musician in the months following The Beatles first appearance on The Ed Sullivan broadcast of Feb ‘64...age 12, first guitar, lessons, ...learning the songs of that era. First gig was playing for my 6th grade graduation party, paid in cookies and a slice of watermelon, and my life as a working musician had begun...

Long story short I’ve been playing in bands and writing songs for many years, not as a road musician but fronting combos as lead singer/rhythm guitar/keyboardist in California locales such as Lake Tahoe, Santa Barbara, L.A., San Diego, and Monterey. Besides having some local success, loyal fans, and positive press, other highlights included sharing the stage in Tahoe a couple times with Stephen Stills, singing harmonies on “For What It’s Worth” and “Love the One You’re With” and also jamming with Johnny Rivers on “Secret Agent Man” at an annual Big Sur gallery party.…

My connection with SOAM is the result of  a reference by another member of this group, long time friend Jeff Carruthers. He’s a chart-topping, Grammy nominated ace musician/producer, who also shared the stage with me in our first high school band way back in 1970. Now we’re writing songs together....full circle...

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